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Building Asterisk from Source

Today is Sunday. I am building Asterisk 18.9 from source patched with cisco call manager features. See this website for more details:

I’m doing this on a proxmox Linux ubuntu container. This is so I can get my Cisco 9971 phones to work with Cisco call manager features like voicemail button support and BLF (busy lamp field). Why am I doing this? Well, my Cisco phones have been laying dormant for many months while my gaze has been elsewhere. On a lark I plugged them back in and low-and-behold I had 5 voicemail messages. All were from my healthcare service provider trying to sell me stuff. I deleted all the voicemails but it got me thinking that the voicemail button doesn’t work and that’s a shame — I can fix that. Anyways, this is my attempt to fix by building Asterisk from source in a Linux container that has been patched from usecallmanager.