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Saw a dead snake on the road after the storm

Saw a dead copperhead in the road after the storm.

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Horse Riding Lessons

A new year of horse riding lessons for Ella. I decided to bring along the Canon DSLR’s with a standard lens and the telephoto and challenge myself to shoot in Manual (M) mode. The cameras were my EOD 50D and EOS 30D cameras that I purchased from Goodwill (secondhand). It was dark in the barn which is no problem for the human eye but quite a challenge for the budding photographer.

Canon EOD 30d, f/7.1, 1/100 shutter and 800 ISO, no flash.
Walking out to the parade grounds.
Ms. Amy on Joker; he wasn’t feeling very well.
Waiting for her turn
Rode with bridle and a bit today
Trotting over some obstacles

Riding Lessons

I took Ella to horseback riding lessons today; she looked very focused here. I used the opportunity to test out the camera and lenses I got from goodwill. I took some good shots; it was overcast today and not too cold.