Life in lockdown

Camping in the Time of Covid-19

Went camping over the weekend with Ella, Todd and Paige. It was a good time but it sure rained. Ella and I were in the tent about 9pm on Saturday night and it had been raining for a while. The tent did ok but water started into the tent and there was lightning (no thunder). Ella gets nervous; I say she is safe with me. She says ok but still nervous. Next flash she says we go sleep in the cabin with Todd and Paige. Ok, I agree — not 30 seconds later another flash. I agree and we get dressed and pack up sleeping bags to walk in pouring rain the 200 yards or so back to the cabin. Todd and Paige were waiting up for us and the cabin was warm and dry.

By Rich

Lover of science, technology, ice hockey and the outdoors. Houston is home.

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