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The Curious Case of the Slow Performing iMac

So, Sunday night, I decided to login to my iMac to download photos from my camera and my 27″ 2.7 GHz (symmetry, I love it) core i5 iMac is crawling — like fall asleep waiting on a mouse click to register slow. I reboot, no help. I close all my apps so nothing is running, no help. I check thermals on the iMac and it’s at 39 C which isn’t to bad… I check dmesg and I see a bunch of io errors. Curious!?! Why would there be IO errors. I checked top and I couldn’t see anything alarmingly wrong. I get nervous because I’m working from home due to Covid-19, so I really need a working computer. I end up putting my old 2009 21″ iMac back together — it was in pieces next to my desk for several months. I decided at least I could use that 21″ iMac to work in case my 27″ doesn’t come back to life. I go to bed worn out and when I wake in the morning; low and behold the 27″ iMac is back to normal….? curious why it was slow before, was it a hardware issue or was it trying to run something? I’ll make sure I get everything important off it just in case it is a hardware issue.

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