If it ain’t broke…

The sun has been shining in the UK! I know, I’m surprised too. Anyway, because of that, I’ve missed my glasses with transition lenses which have been out of action since the right arm broke.

I set out to see it I could replace the arms with spares from an old pair, but having been mostly a contact lens wearer for the past decade, I didn’t have much to use. The best contender looked like my current day to day pair. So I set about a little test run.

Using a really old pair of glasses to see, I set about removing the right arm of my current pair. It came off easy enough, but the hinge was different so it was a non starter. I go to put it back together, and I can’t get the screw back in. OK…. Tweezers…. Nope. Nothing was working. Now I have 2 pairs of non functioning glasses. Great.

Annoyed with myself, I leave it be and decide to try again to glue the broken arm of the 1st pair back together. Are you managing to keep track so far?

I spend a good bit of time on the super glue and manage to get the broken arm to hold together and I then reassemble the glasses. It works, but I have my doubts it will take much stress before it breaks.

Back to the pair I wear all the time. Well, I try and try. Nothing. But I won’t be beaten. I get a safety pin and use the pin to align the holes between the frame and the arm, take out the pin. Place the screw lightly in the hole and use some pincers to push it in slightly. Bingo! It pops into the hole. I screw it tightly and then pinch it home when it seems it won’t go any further. Success!

So yes, if it ain’t broke… Don’t try and fix it. I spent a good part of the day on it. You’ve done well to read all of that. Now for a photo…..

By Katie

Tea drinker extrodinaire; lover of the outdoors and nature.

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