That was the first day at Primary school. Tomorrow is the last.

An awful lot has changed since then, and the plans for my life that I had at that time went very awry.

I got a little misty eyed (as Rich would say), but then I realised I don’t actually feel unhappy about where I’ve ended up.

That little girl is now so much braver and more independent than I ever thought possible, and, so am I.

Life in lockdown

Are we human, or are we dancer?

Tomorrow marks the very gradual lifting of restrictions on daily life for England (Scotland and Wales having made different choices).

On reflection, so far the lockdown hasn’t been all bad. People have made sure to look at for one another and a sense of comaradrie is present.

That said, there still have been tough times. It feels very normal and yet not normal sometimes. Seeing the number of people who have died each day makes sobering reading and I find myself switching between seeing small troubles at home and work disappear into insignifance and at other times, those same annoyances loom large as they are ever present.

Anyway, for now, I hope tomorrow marks the path forward. I took a walk this evening and listened to music. The streets were deserted. I danced, let go of my self consciousness and reminded myself that life is indeed, very precious.

Life in lockdown Science


I read an article yesterday that there was to be a meteor shower for the next two nights that would be visible without the need for a telescope. Given I’d got myself all worked up about an issue at work, I thought a nice reminder of how unimportant it all is would be just the thing I needed. I went out after 10pm to have a look as the sky was clear, I couldn’t see any meteors, or indeed the satellites which everyone else seems to be spotting recently but I did see what I think is Venus shining brightly in the sky. I tried to capture it, but it’s a bit blurry:

Anyway, today is a new day. I’ve downloaded an app to my phone which helps you identify which stars/constellations you’re looking at & I’ll try again tonight.

UPDATE: Still couldn’t see the meteor shower but the app (Star Tracker) did at least show me where the Lyrid constellation was so I could be confident of looking in the right place. Rose and I had some fun using the app to try and find the names of the stars we could see.


Garden Furniture Restoration: Part 1

Started restoring the outdoor table and chairs today. OK, so strictly speaking, I started to treat the wood last weekend, but I had to admit to myself more serious prep was required.

So roll on this weekend… And armed with an electric sander, the job begins in earnest. I’ve not used an electric sander before. It made my hands feel a bit strange after using it for a while. Here’s the table so far:

I managed to do half a chair as well before needing to give my hands a break. Quite pleased with result so far. Plenty more to do as I don’t feel I can make shortcuts now. All the old stain will have to be removed. Part 2 tomorrow if the weather holds.


If it ain’t broke…

The sun has been shining in the UK! I know, I’m surprised too. Anyway, because of that, I’ve missed my glasses with transition lenses which have been out of action since the right arm broke.

I set out to see it I could replace the arms with spares from an old pair, but having been mostly a contact lens wearer for the past decade, I didn’t have much to use. The best contender looked like my current day to day pair. So I set about a little test run.

Using a really old pair of glasses to see, I set about removing the right arm of my current pair. It came off easy enough, but the hinge was different so it was a non starter. I go to put it back together, and I can’t get the screw back in. OK…. Tweezers…. Nope. Nothing was working. Now I have 2 pairs of non functioning glasses. Great.

Annoyed with myself, I leave it be and decide to try again to glue the broken arm of the 1st pair back together. Are you managing to keep track so far?

I spend a good bit of time on the super glue and manage to get the broken arm to hold together and I then reassemble the glasses. It works, but I have my doubts it will take much stress before it breaks.

Back to the pair I wear all the time. Well, I try and try. Nothing. But I won’t be beaten. I get a safety pin and use the pin to align the holes between the frame and the arm, take out the pin. Place the screw lightly in the hole and use some pincers to push it in slightly. Bingo! It pops into the hole. I screw it tightly and then pinch it home when it seems it won’t go any further. Success!

So yes, if it ain’t broke… Don’t try and fix it. I spent a good part of the day on it. You’ve done well to read all of that. Now for a photo…..

Life in lockdown

Morning run

I got up at 6am for a morning run having fallen asleep in my running gear the evening before. (Rest assured that I did wake up, change and go to bed). To my surprise, the restrictions have encouraged many other people out on to the street for an early morning run.

I did my normal hill route, but then extended my trip to the local shop to get some bread. The increased number of people out and about meant a lot of running on the road to keep at a safe distance – and there is still traffic!

Getting the bread was a task and a half. In a small shop, staying 2m apart from people is not easy. At one point I got trapped in the corner as both exits were blocked by people looking at items or queuing. It was like a human form of the game ‘Rush Hour’.

I had to lean to place the bread on the counter as lines clearly marked how close I could get. Money had to be placed on the counter–no handing it to the cashier. Not being terribly tall meant I ended up sort of throwing it. The cashier (also not tall) ended up sort of throwing my change back at me. I pondered that this was a bit ridiculous, but decided not to say anything as people are just trying to be safe.

On the way home I noticed the gate to the woods is permanently tied open. I assume so lots of people don’t touch it. I took a photo (above). It made me realise how crazy things are.

Miles run: Not enough. Too much starting and stopping.

New tracks added to running playlist: Highway Star, Deep Purple

Life in lockdown

Little things

Yesterday, I felt a little down as I’m sure a lot of people do just now.

This morning, I received a postcard from a friend just to say ‘Hello’. It was unexpected and has brightened my day.

I have put it in a frame. Next time things feel a bit gloomy, I hope that it will remind me how lucky I am to have lovely people in my life.

Life in lockdown

The view from across the pond

Today was the first day of the UK living under strict limits of when we can leave our homes. It feels very unreal and cast a long shadow over what was a day of bright sunshine and blue skies.

It is hard to know how to approach the situation and I find myself darting between not thinking about it and clinging on tightly to what little bit of routine I can find. I have, however, pledged to make the most of our allowance to leave our homes once per day for exercise. So I am trying to look positively at an opportunity to up the mileage that I run every week.

Main road into Christchurch at 10pm

As expected, it was earily quiet, although some signs of life as people walked dogs. We all gave each other space as I passed.

Tonight’s run: 4 miles.

New song added to running playlist: Pompeii, Bastille.