I had big plans for the weekend. I was going to fix both my iMacs (one had a faulty ambient temperature sensor) and the other a faulty lcd video interface. Both seem fixable and in the proper hands and with the proper supplies I’m sure they would be fixed. But, sadly, this weekend was not my weekend to be that guy to fix them. I was working on the Big Mac the 27 in one and in the final stages or reassembly. I had pulled out the ambient temp sensor and visually inspected it. So I was putting it all back and my hands were a bit sweaty and the lcd heavy. Anyways a slip and the video cable ripped out of the mother board. A simple slip has such a drastic outcome. I have to say I was crestfallen. To add insult to injury the ambient temp sensor was still faulty meaning the pins are maybe bent inside connector. I left the machine the way it was and made dinner and played a board game to occupy my mind. I must have been outwardly really sad because my daughters, my mom and Katie all mentioned I sounded sad. Not one to wallow in sadness long I laid in bed and thought. Those machines had a good lifespan. 8 and 10 years old. I also thought that building a nice new pc with modern parts would obviously be more powerful and even run cooler and less power consumption. I had run geekbench before and even my best iMac was woeful in the stats compared to cams more modern setup. So, with that I will build a new pc. Only question is hackintosh or Linux? How about both! I can salvage the two ssds from the iMacs and I have a case. I have that nvidia graphics card. Just need power supply, memory and cpu. I put the iMacs in my closet and I can revisit them again at some later point if I desire. They are not collectible now but who knows in the future.

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