Fixed Goodreads Plugins

The Goodreads plugins I’ve been using on my blog have been broken for the past few months. When I installed WordPress fresh in a FreeBSD jail I got everything working on WordPress except the Goodreads plugins so I left it for another day. I was seeing a series of error messages in the nginx error logs and I wasn’t sure if the issue was related HTTPS and SSL or another type of issue. Well, today I had a bit of time to dig into the issue and I found that there were in fact four (4) separate issues that needed to be solved (all very sneaky). The first issue related to the cacert.pem file in the curl configuration; I was on to this before but I hadn’t experimented enough to solve it. The second issue was a missing module php73-simplexml which I needed to install (duh!). After that I had an http dom module in a plugin that was throwing regular expression errors and I had to scan the file and escape a series of dashes in the regexp pattern. I also had to correctly define the bookshelf I used in my Goodreads configuration (it had a dash!). Everything seems to be working fine now. The site is looking more profesh now and bonus, no more daily errors in the errorlog!

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