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Floppy Disks on Linux in 2020

I setup a USB floppy disk drive on my Ubuntu Linux computer in the summer of 2020 because “Hey, Why Not?”. I have one box of diskettes, they are 2HD unformatted. When I plugged it in, I knew that it was /dev/sdc because the Disks utility showed it as that. I needed to format the diskettes as VFAT (i.e. DOS compatible) and 1.44Mb capacity. I then wanted to mount the disk in my filesystem. In Unix there is a consistent filesystem starting with the root (“/”) directory. I wanted this in /media/floppy, so I did the following:

% sudo apt install ufiformat
% sudo ufiformat -i /dev/sdc
vendor:  Y-E DATA
product: USB-FDU
write protect: off
media type: 2HD
status      block size   kb
formatted    2880  512 1440
formattable  2880  512 1440
formattable  1232 1024 1232
formattable  2400  512 1200

% sudo ufiformat -f 1440 /dev/sdc
geometry: track=80, head=2, sector=18, block=512

% sudo mkdir /media/floppy
% sudo mount /dev/sdc /media/floppy

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