Please Explain the Various Versions of Minecraft?

Oct 2nd 2020 Update: Please see my latest post on how to configure Minecraft MineOS for hosting your first server on FreeNAS!

Documentation is terrible; it’s all about getting and installing mineos. It says nothing about using mineos! I had to do a lot of trial and error last night. I compiled sphigot — I had no idea what it did. I had to read up separately what it did. It looks to be a more efficient Minecraft server. I’m game so I set it up on a sever 15.2 running survival mode. I setup another server for Abby running forge so her mods could be installed. I haven’t gotten any mods yet I was just focused on getting it up and running. Lastly. Installed a third server running feed the beast egg hunt. Again limited documentation so it was more trail and error.

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